Dashboard - Tasks Tile

The part of My Insight that shows a summary of the Tasks assigned to you within specific projects is called Tasks.

As with Dashboard - To-Dos Tile, they appear on the My Insight page as soon as the start date is within seven days or less by default. Overdue Tasks are displayed in red. To change settings in the display, use the Display Options by clicking the gear icon in the upper right of the My Tasks pane.

Updates made here are applied upon clicking the Save Button in the lower right of the layer.

To selectively filter your main Tasks display so that only specific tasks are shown, check the Hide boxes at the far right end of the items you wish to hide, then click Hide My Hidden Tasks. To bring them back, click Show All Hidden Tasks, then click the boxes for Show or Hide to bring specific tasks back into your normal view.

You can update work completion with actual start and end dates by clicking on the Update Completion Status or Percent Complete under the Status header icon to open a task update layer.

Updates to the task are applied from this layer by clicking the Save Button icon in the lower right.

You can view details of a Task assignment by clicking on its name to go to a window like the following.

This is task detail General tab. Details about the Task, such as whether or not it's a Milestone and the Duration are presented here. This window can also be used to update information on Percent Complete with Actual Start and Actual end dates.

Update your Tasks

Clicking will bring up a window like the following.

This is where time entries for the given task can be made. Multiple entries with any combination of Time Codes and Descriptions may be entered in relation to a single task. Time entries made by task resources and project managers may be edited and deleted for corrections to any entries up until the specific entry has been submitted for approval in a Time Sheet.

Entering Time for a Task

A similar form for entering expenses is available by clicking and looks like the following.

Task Detail Screen Expenses
Online 10/24/2016