Desktop Tools

The Project Insight desktop tools currently available include the following:

Outlook Connector - add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Office Connector - add-in for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Project Connector - add-in for Microsoft Project

Microsoft Connector Installation Instructions are available for referencing the basic steps required to install the add-ins.

The downloads are placed in the administration section of Project Insight so that administrators can determine whether or not to allow their use by other users. Any active Project Insight user can use the tools, but an administrator must download the applications and make them available to the users. It is the responsibility of the administrator and the internal Windows help desk personnel to ensure that the applications are installed in accordance with corporate standards and policies. Support for the applications is the responsibility of internal personnel who may choose to purchase additional support from Project Insight on a pay-per-incident basis.

Online 10/12/2016