Displaying Summary Tasks

When tasks are set as Summary Tasks, they will display with an arrow as the first character in the task name.

This arrow may display in a collapsed mode, i.e. or it may display in an expanded mode .

In collapsed mode any child tasks are hidden.

In expanded mode any child tasks are displayed. Child tasks are displayed indented below the summary task.

By default when a new summary task is added, it displays in expanded mode even though child tasks have not yet been added (this enables easy enter of the child task just by typing in the highlighted line)

If its just a regular task, no arrow will be displayed in the task name.

Expanding and Collapsing Individual Summary Tasks

To toggle between expanded and collapsed mode, just click on the arrow or and that expands or collapses it.

Different sections can be expanded and collapsed as required.

Project Insight remembers the settings and displays the project with those settings the next time it is displayed.

Mass Expanding and Collapsing Tasks

All tasks in summary tasks can be collapsed and expanded for easier viewing and navigation purposes (instead of just expanding and collapsing them individually):
  • Hover on the Tools menu option or right click anywhere on the blank space on the form and hover on the Tools menu option
  • There are three different expand and collapse menu options:
    • Expand All Top Level Summary Tasks - expands only the top level summary tasks (for example, if there are multiple levels deep of summary tasks, only those at the very top level are expanded. Not all of them are expanded).
    • Expand All Summary Tasks - expands all summary tasks for all levels. Choose this option to see all tasks on a project regardless of how many levels there are.
    • Collapse All Summary Tasks - collapses all summary tasks so only the very top levels are displayed.

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