Edit Folders Navigation

Setting up the lowest level folders (root level) is one of the first steps system administrators take to set up content areas for the users.

This window is where all root-level folder items that are used as major navigational markers are created. Folders created here are available as links in the navigation bar on the left side of Project Insight, for users who have been given permission to see them.

Adding content here is done by following the same procedures that a team member with permissions would use to create lower-level folders and content. For detailed information on creating folders, calendars and other content, see Adding Content and Add Folder.

Master folders for departments, high-level projects and other organizational categories can be created here, and users can be given permission to create their own projects and items within these master folders.

In the example window above, the second line item has no name and shows a key icon at the far right side. This indicates that the administrator currently logged in has not been given permission to view it. However, by clicking the system administrator currently logged in can now take full permissions on the item. This same functionality can be used by system administrators in the folder views by using the "View Hidden Items" option in the Display Options for folders.

Add Folder
Online 10/13/2016