Task Detail Screen Expenses

You can record expenses for a task directly on the task detail page. Another method for expense entry, without the use of the task detail view, is covered in the Expense Entry Worksheet topic.

How do you use the Task Detail Screen to record an Expense?

  1. Navigate to the Task Detail Screen
    • Click the hyperlinked name of the task anywhere in Project Insight

  2. Click the Expense tab at the bottom of the Task Detail screen
    • The fields are laid out a bit differently, but you will enter the same information that you would when using the Expense Entry Worksheet
    • Make sure it says your name or the name of the person incurring the expense (the expense will submit on their expense report)
    • Enter the date of the expense
    • Select the correct expense code. Your PI administrator decides how many codes and what they mean to your team.
    • Fill in the amount of the expense in the Act. Cost box.
    • Enter a description if your team requires additional information.
    • Your administrator will know if you will use the "Is Billable" or "Is Reimbursable" check boxes.
    • Click the [Save] button

  3. Add a Receipt
    • Click the receipt icon in the Receipt column
    • Follow the instructions (just like uploading any saved document)

You will need to navigate to the Expense Entry Worksheet to submit your expenses at the end of your expense report period.

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Online 10/25/2016