Entering Time for a Task

Time may be entered for tasks using the Time Entry tab from the task detail screen. Other methods for time entry, without the use of the task detail view, are covered in the Dashboard updates, Time Entry Worksheet and Time Entry Grid topics.

Entering Actual Hours on a Task's Time Tab

Clicking on the name of the task within the Task List will bring up the task detail page.

Within this window, project managers and team members who have been assigned to a task can review details and enter time and expenses along with notations on how much of the task has been completed.

To enter time, click the time tab.

Resources can enter an unlimited number of time entries, which allows for a great deal of detail as to how time on the project is being spent.

Date should indicate the date on which the hours were spent. Click the calendar icon to choose a date from the interactive calendar, or enter the date manually in the date entry box.

Time Code indicates the billing code that should be used categorizing the time spent. Click the drop-down for a list of time codes.

Act. Hours is for entering the actual hours spent.

Act. Rate is for entering the actual rate.

Bill. Hours is for entering the hours that will be billable.

Bill. Rate is for entering the rate to bill the entry.

Description is for a brief explanation of how the time was spent.

Is Billable will designate whether or not this time entry should be billed. Click to check the box if the time entry should be billed.

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Online 11/2/2016