Expense Entry Worksheet

How do you use the Expense Entry Worksheet?

  1. From the top menu, navigate to your expense entry worksheet via My Insight> Expenses> Expense Entry Worksheet.

  2. Use the Page Display Options icon  to select your expense report period and other view options
    • Your team has procedures around a standardized expense report period (monthly, semi-monthly, weekly?)
    • For example, you can select the last semi-month by clicking on the Page Display Options and selecting the “Last Semi-Month” from the list of dynamic dates.

  3. Fill out the columns in the Expense Entry Worksheet
    • Company, Project, Task columns narrow down the selections as you go across the worksheet (same as the time entry worksheet). It works this way:

    • a. Select a company in the Company dropdown. This could be a client or your own company.
      b. Select a project from the Project dropdown list. The projects will be narrowed down to those projects that you are assigned, by company you selected. Keep in mind there may not be any projects associated with that company.
      c. Select a task from the Task dropdown list. There will not be any tasks if you aren't assigned work.
      d. Your team will decide if you are allowed to add expenses at the company and project level.

    • Enter the date of the expense
    • Select the correct expense code. Your PI administrator decides how many codes and what they mean to your team.
    • Fill in the amount of the expense in the Act. Cost box.
    • Enter a description if your team requires additional information.
    • Click the [Save] button

  4. Add a Receipt
    • Click the receipt icon in the Receipt column
    • Follow the instructions (just like uploading any saved document)

  5. Submit your Expense Report
    • Complete and proofread the expense sheet
    • Submit using the "Create/Submit Expense Report" button.
    • or the Create New Expense Report icon in top right corner

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