Expense Tracking

Tracking expenses breaks down the non-labor costs of your project. If your task is "purchase a server," someone will need to make the phone calls and schedule the delivery, but you can add the expense of the server directly to the task. As you enter expense information, you can run reports and use those non-labor costs to give you the most accurate picture of project health and profitability.

Use Project Insight to record your expenses, add receipts, and submit your Expense Report. Like many features in Project Insight, you have MANY options to submit expenses. Find the method that you like the best and understand the following processes:

  1. Expense Entry Worksheet – Common for adding multiple expenses at once or for editing Expense Report before submission.

  2. Task Detail Screen Expenses – You will recognize this method if you enter time on the task detail screen as it is similar.

  3. On the Go with the PI Mobile Interface – Fill in some boxes and upload a photo of your receipt all in one step. This is TRUE real-time expense entry. As I sign my receipt, I take a photo on my phone and put it in PI in less than a minute.

  4. Submit Expense Report – You want to be reimbursed, and your finance department wants to do their job too. Your Expense Report gets that process started.

  5. Approve Expense Reports – Set up each resource’s approver and approve Expense Reports.

  6. Administration for Expenses - How do I set up expenses in Project Insight?
Online 1/6/2017