Go Live & Managing work

Change Project State

After building a schedule, assigning resources, and verifying their allocation, it's time to go live. This article could be very short because if you change the Project State from Planning to Active, the Project will go live.

  • Team Members will see those work assignments on their chosen screens and navigation
  • All reports that look at current Active Projects will display the project
  • Auto-Alerts and Emails will trigger
  • Project will display on your Active work lists and reports too

View your Project progress

Team Members report the work they complete when they enter time. As a best practice, they should do this whenever they complete a task or at the end of the day, if not yet complete. Project Managers can use Project Insight's Collaboration Tools to follow the subjective side of Project Management. Look for comments from Stakeholders or Team Members. See new file uploads. Even connect Project Insight to your favorite collaboration solution through our Webservices APIs.

Team Members entering Actual Hours and Percent Complete values allow the Project Manager to track the Project/Task Health Indicators and make business decisions.

  • Is the work finishing on time?
  • Do I add an additional resource to this task to complete it faster?
  • At what point do we communicate with the client or stakeholder about the change or delay?
  • If this is delayed, what else in the portfolio does this affect?
  • Is the work requiring more hours than previously budgeted?
  • At what point do we communicate with the client or stakeholder about the change in cost for the project?
  • Are the Stakeholders happy with the results?
  • Do any Stakeholders or Sponsors or internal leadership have feedback?
  • Do those Stakeholders have a change in requirements, or do they need to delay a deliverable for their own reasons?

See? You have enough to do all day long without chasing after updates?

Making business decisions and communicating with Stakeholders is enough to keep you busy without chasing after updates. Even the best project managing is subject to people asking for changes or unexpected conflicts, delays, or realized risks!

Once the project is ready to closeout, your team should have procedures around Archiving Projects. Then its on to the next project!

Online 1/6/2017