Home Screen

The Project Insight Home Screen is a central location where all the information that is important to you can be displayed and easily accessed and updated. There is no need to navigate around to different forms or be overwhelmed with text. All the data on the Home Screen is hyperlinked as well so that you can easily navigate to additional information and functions if required.

Home Screen Overview

The Home Screen can be the first screen you visit when you login. We recommend this page for Team Members who want to simplify their display.

Accessing Your Home Screen

Your Home Page can be accessed by clicking directly on the My Insight main menu option or the logo in the upper right hand corner of the form. Note* The My Insight text may have been changed by your administrator to terminology that is specific to your organization and the logo may be your own logo and not the Project Insight logo, however, both will still appear in the same places.

Each individual Team Member can modify their dashboards in a variety of ways:

  • The layout of the dashboard can be changed
  • Components can be added
  • Components can be moved around
  • Components can be deleted
  • Individual Components can have their display options configured

Changing the Display

Click the bottom left options to "Customize" your Home Screen. Select the icons that best fit your use of Project Insight. Drag and drop those items to arrange.
Online 1/6/2017