This article helps with installing the latest version of the Project Insight Outlook Connector and the Project Insight Office Connector.

In Microsoft's latest update to Office 2016 they have changed information that the would write to a computer's registry where our Project Insight Connectors would look for the version of Office that is installed whether the Office version is 32bit or 64bit. Due to this change we can no longer detect is your Office is 32bit or 64bit, so here's how to check and then installing the correct version of the connectors.

  1. In any Office application (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.) click on File tab.
  2. Next click on Office Account.

  3. Now click on "About Outlook", (if in Word or Excel it will have that application name instead of Outlook).
  4. Near the top of the About Microsoft Outlook, you will see at the end of the version number whether it is 32bit or 64 bit.

  5. Now that you know the version of Office it will be the same for both connectors.
  6. Now we can download the connectors from Project Insight if you do not have them already. You must a System Administrator in Project Insight, therefor if you are not a System Administrator you must get someone to download it for you.
  7. The connectors can be found in the left navigation under Administration section by clicking on "Desktop Tools".

  8. Now you can click on the connector you wish to download from here, but before installing it's best to be closed out of the office program.

  9. Now that you have the zip file that was downloaded you want to run the file with x64 at the end of the file name if you have 64-bit.

    Or if you have the 32-bit version you can install the file that does not have any x64 within the file name.

  10. On some networks you might have to have someone from your IT team to install the connector for you.
  11. Now that it is installed you can open the Office application and you should see along the top of the menu "Add-Ins" click on this.

  12. You should see some icons with the option "PI Settings", click on this. If you do not see this please click here, Troubleshoot Project Insight Connector

  13. Now fill in your Project Insight URL not the URL in the screenshot and click "Register Device".

  14. If you not already logged into Project Insight a browser window should open up asking you to login and then you will be automatically if not already have a window open for "Device Activation".

  15. Copy that unique code and paste back into the Connections Settings for the Connector in your Office application and then click "Complete Activation"

  16. You should now be connected and now you can do the same thing if you wish to install the other Project Insight connector.
Online 12/7/2017