Kanban Board

Let's make the visualization of Work Statuses simpler. What if all the work coming up in the next two weeks could be organized by its Work Status graphically and then easily adjusted by all resources?

Look no further than the Project Insight project-level Kanban board:

Check out how easy it is to drag and drop your tasks between your different Work Status columns. You can also see the resource doing the work by photo, avatar, or initials AND click into the task's hyperlinked name to see the Task Details.

Demonstrate this feature to your Team Members today for graphical task progress. Team Members can move their own tasks to update the Percent Complete too.

For more customization, click the Page Display Options to change the number of days ahead displayed on the Kanban.

In addition, Administrators can change the Administration > Projects > Work Status Types to only show certain statuses in the Kanban display:

If you do not have Work Status Types enabled, then your team updates their tasks' Percent Complete with numerical value. You will not have the option to view a Kanban with a numerical % complete. Want to learn how to use Work Percent Complete Types?

Online 1/25/2017