Login Message

The Login Message will place a message on the login page which will display for all visitors to the login page without requiring a login. Any Project Insight system available over the internet (all hosted SaaS customers) should keep in mind that the content in this input box can be viewed by anybody on the internet.

System administrators can find the login message tool under the administration section in the left navigation:

Use the 'plus' icon in the top right corner to add a new login message.

Give your message a name, this is purely for your reference and will not show up on the login page. Next, give your message a title - this will show on the login page.

With the HTML editor, the body of your message can include text, images, links, lists, and more - all without having to write your own HTML.

Next, when you are done creating your message you can schedule the publish date, allowing you to plan your messages ahead of time.

If you'd like to preview your login message before it is published, use the 'Preview' link on the login message administration main page.

If you want your message to appear immediately, simply schedule the publish date for today's date. Once published, your login message will appear next to the Project Insight login message:

Online 10/14/2016