On the Go with the PI Mobile Interface

If you are on the road, you can still enter in your expenses in REAL TIME. You can do this from Project Insight’s mobile interface.

How do I use the PI mobile interface for Expenses?

  1. Open a browser on your phone and go to your Project Insight URL.
  2. Log in as you normally do. You will automatically see the PI mobile interface.
  3. Click Expense Entries.
  4. Fill out the Expense Entry fields. You may need to scroll on your phone:
    • Company, Project, Task – Filtered the same way as in the Expense Entry Worksheet
    • a. Select a company in the Company dropdown. This could be a client or your own company.
      b. Select a project from the Project dropdown list. The projects will be narrowed down to those projects that you are assigned, by company you selected. Keep in mind there may not be any projects associated with that company.
      c. Select a task from the Task dropdown list. There will not be any tasks if you aren't assigned work.
      d. Your team will decide if you are allowed to add expenses at the company and project level.
    • Date – Date of the expense
    • Expense Code – Will change depending on type of company, project, task selected
    • Act. Cost – Total of the expense (you can use the Qty. x Unit Price = Act. Cost too)
    • Description – Make yourself some notes. You’ll be glad you did.
    • Save & Add Receipt
  5. You’ll see the “Choose File” or “Upload Image” option depending on your phone (see image 1 below).
    • You’ll need to know how your phone uploads photo images. Think of it like any other social media you use to upload your phone’s images:
    • Take Photo or Gallery Option – Have you already taken the photo of the receipt before you opened PI? Or do you need to take a photo now? The best method will depend on your phone.
    • Take photo – If you take a photo, your phone will ask you if it’s ok with the symbols at the bottom of the screen. (You can tell I use an Android).
    • See image and Save – It’s a little like the Check Deposit features of your mobile bank software. Takes only a few moments.

  6. Click Save, then move on with your business travel. So worth it!

Once you are back at a computer, you will need to navigate to the Expense Entry Worksheet to submit your expenses at the end of your expense report period.

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On the Go with the PI Mobile Interface
Submit Expense Report
Approve Expense Reports
Administration for Expenses
Online 4/17/2013