Navigation & Layout

Project Insight has three main sections:

  • Global Menu Options displayed on the top of all Project Insight forms. These provide one click access to your dashboards, reports, favorites, searching and printing functions, logging off and help
  • Left Navigation for easy access to your work either through the “My Work” section or the “Folders” sections. (Administrators will also have an Administration section and Invoice Managers will have an Invoice Records section)Main Content

The global menu options will never change and they will always be visible (unless you are in full screen mode).

The main content section will always change to reflect what you are doing. There are also context sensitive menu options that display in the main content section. The main content section data that is displayed for many forms can also be customized, using Display Options.

The left navigation can be expanded or collapsed (visible or not) as required.

If table views, such as reports, task lists and Gantt charts, are showing in the main content section, then the table header row can be right clicked to show additional options for changing the layout and the way you navigate, such as toggling to full screen mode, freezing or unfreezing header and left columns.

The system administrator may have also enabled options to enable further customization of the display, such as changing font sizes, icon sizes, setting the banner size and increasing or decreasing table padding.

Global Menu Options

Most of the global menu options can be clicked on directly or the cursor can be hovered over them to see additional drop down menu options.

  My Insight - Access the default dashboard by clicking on the icon or hover on it to access quick links to the most commonly used functions and items in Project Insight. Note* The System Administrator may have changed the terminology for this menu option and the associated graphic to reflect your organization's terminology and branding.

My Reports - Access the full reports function by clicking on the icon or hover on it to access quick links to the reports you've saved and most commonly run.

  Favorites - Create, maintain and access quick links to the forms you most commonly access.

  Search - Search for data.

  Profile - Change your password, log off or change other user information.

 Use Timer - Timer Tool - Set a timer to track how long you're working on tasks as you are actually working on them and automatically record that time.

 Print  Printing From Within Project Insight

 Help -Click on the icon to access help specific to the page you are on. Hover on the icon Access online help.

Hint* The logo displayed in the far right hand side of the top menu options can be clicked on to display the main dashboard.

Context Sensitive Menu Options

Depending on what is showing in the main content section, additional buttons and menu options that are specific to the item that’s displayed are displayed (i.e. context sensitive menu options). These show in the upper right hand corner of the main content section.

Right clicking anywhere in Project Insight, will also enable access to context sensitive menu options.

This provides access to the functions and data right from where you are on the form where you are on the form instead of having to navigate to the upper right hand corner each time. These will be a sub-set of the same as the context sensitive menu options in the upper left corner but only the options specific to the item you're on are displayed.

Hint* In some cases, you won't want the context sensitive menu options that are showing. You may want the next level up menu options or even the browser menu options. In that case, on the right click menu, select the Hide Menu option. This hides the current menu and displays the next level up of menu options the next time you right click. You may keep hiding the Project Insight menu options until there are no more, then the browser menu options will display and be accessible. Click F5 to unhide all the Project Insight menus.

Display Options

The size of these icons in grid style displays such as on a project task list or report type displays.

There are additional options for you to change what data and how the data within the main content section when grid style displays such as on a project task list or report type are showing. When you have the ability to change the display, a Display Options icon appears in the context sensitive menu bar. See Page Display Options for more details.

Left Navigation

You can collapse or expand (hide or display) the left navigation as required.

To collapse (hide) the Left Navigation bar, click the Collapse icon.

If it is collapsed, there is more screen width to display the main content section.

To expand (show) the Left Navigation bar, click the Expand icon.

See Left Navigation for more information on the options.

Toggle to Full Screen and Freeze Panes

Another way to change the layout and navigate when working with table data in the main section, is via the table header menu options.

When in this mode, right click on the table header row, the following options are available.

Page Display Options - This option is used to change the columns of data that are showing, the format of those columns, save views of the data and also freeze or unfreeze columns and rows for views.

No Freeze Pane - If the view has rows or columns frozen (i.e. so they are always visible no matter how much data is displayed), click this to remove that freeze setting.

Freeze Header Pane - This freezes the table header row, so that the column headers are always showing when you scroll around.

Freeze Header and Left Panes - This freezes the table header row and all the column(s) to the left of the current one that you invoked the menu option from.

Toggle Full Screen - This toggles the view back and forth between regular mode and full screen mode. If there is a lot of data displayed, toggling to full screen mode removes the global menu options and other headers so the table of data has more screen real estate. This function can also be invoked by double clicking on the table header bar (and double clicking again to put it back in regular mode).

Hide Menu - This hides the current context sensitive menu options. When right clicking again, to bring up context sensitive options the next higher up ones will display. Eventually when there are no longer any Project Insight specific options, the browser menu options displayed. Press F5 to unhide the Project Insight menu options again.

Setting Font, Icon and Banner Sizes, and Table Padding

If the system administrator has given you access, you may also further customize the layout by changing the font size, the size of the icons in certain places, the size of the banner and the padding on table gird displays. See User Preferences.
Online 11/2/2016