Beyond Scheduling

Building project schedules and reporting on project progress will get you pretty far. Team Members do their part to provide project updates. Project Insight Reports show you what is happening within your projects and across your portfolio.

What else could a Project Management team ask for?

A lot.

Time Entry and Approval

  • Actual Hours compare your estimated work with reality
  • Track project verses non-project time
  • Understand your projects' profitability

Professional Services for teams with client-facing work:

  • Make money with the difference between labor costs and what you invoice
  • Use Work Rates to differentiate rates between individuals, type of work, etc.
  • Build budgets from top down or from the bottom up
  • Read how to use Contracts to differentiate rates client by client
  • Create invoice records for all work performed
  • Use invoice records to create invoices in your accounting solution


  • Easily identify what has your project or task off-track
  • Attach issues to Projects or Tasks for high visibility into problems and their resolutions
  • Attach additional information to Issues for individual incidents


  • Think of To-Dos as detailed sticky notes
  • You can assign To-Dos to yourself as a reminder
  • Send To-Dos to others for informal task management


  • Add approvals to any item in Project Insight
  • Route approvals individually or only require one sign-off - it's up to you

Expense Tracking:

  • Enter expenses to understand total project cost and profitability
  • Options for straight pricing or expenses with mark-up
  • Submit Expense Reports with receipts for reimbursement processes

Project Requests:

  • Formalize your project queue by gathering project requirements before you build

Project Scorecard:

  • Build criteria to take the politics our of project prioritization

Workflows, Customizations, Integrations:

  • Read on to see if your project management team needs this level of flexibility
  • Project Insight is designed to customize through the interface or with our webservices

Collaboration Tools

  • Learn about adding comments, files, attachments, discussions, and articles to Project Insight
  • The more your team centralizes their communication in Project Insight, the more Project visibility for the entire team
Online 12/30/2016