Permissions Examples

Users in Project Insight can be assigned to one Company, but multiple groups. By assigning the user to a Company and a Group, those assignments are used in the folder/item permissions settings and communication settings. Resulting effective permissions for a particular folder/item are the SUM of the permissions settings for the specific user, the groups they belong to and the company they are assigned to. For example, if a user is specifically specified to have read-only permissions on a particular folder and if a user is in Company A and Company A is set for Read, Add, Edit & Delete on a particular folder, then the user assigned to Company A, by means of their assignment within that Company has Read, Add, Edit & Delete for that folder. 

Users, Groups & Companies

User Permissions Only Example 1

Company, Group & User Permissions Example 1

Company, Group & User Permissions Deny Example 1

Online 10/17/2016