Installation and configuration of the Project Insight Project Connector must be performed and supported by Windows application professionals and Project Insight Administrators within your organization. Access to the desktop tools for Project Insight may require requesting the use and authorization of these tools from a Project Insight administrator. Project Connector support is not covered within the maintenance agreement for the Project Insight web-based application.

Once installed, Project Connector requires the address and login information will be required (URL, Username and Password) to connect to Project Insight.

Using test settings to confirm a valid connection will enable the Save option to export Project data to Project Insight.

Import a Project into Project Insight

A project must already exist in Project Insight prior to importing new data to the project. The link provided when performing an import to Project Insight to create a new project, "I Need to Create a New Project" will open a web browser Window in Project Insight to create the new project. Once the new project is created the import process will allow for the task and resource information to populate the new project. Projects available in Project Insight for import from Project will be available in the Project selector.

Clicking the "Import" option for the selected project will open the same browser window options as seen during the import process when importing a Project XML file without the Project Connector. That process is covered in detail in the MS Project Import topic.

Download a Project from Project Insight

Select the Download option in the Project Insight Add-Ins to export project data from Project Insight into Project. Projects available for Download from Project Insight into Project will be available from the Project selector.

Online 2/20/2018