Project Managers

If you build schedules, change schedules, manage resources, or communicate with stakeholders and sponsors, you should familiarize yourself with the Project Manager role in Project Insight. You can assign work to Team Members and receive their updates without running from cubicle to cubicle. No more nagging!

To make work easy for everyone, you'll use Project Insight in the following ways:

  1. Add a Project:
    • "What folder and when should it start?"
    • That's really all you need to launch a project and start scheduling
    • Odds are you'll want to track a little more data 
    • You are project managers, after all, and project managers love data

  2. Build a Schedule:
    • Project Insight uses Intelligent Scheduling to build an interactive list of deliverables and necessary work
    • You determine what happens, when it happens, and what it's waiting on to get happening
    • In a perfect world, where there are no resource conflicts and your schedule can be completed in a vacuum, you can determine your Project delivery date

  3. Assign Resources:
    • But we don't live in a perfect world and, in reality, you always have to fit the project into your number of resources available
    • After you've finished all the "happening" questions, who makes it happen?

  4. Go Live & Managing work:
    • When it all fits, it's time to go live
    • Once you launch the project, Team Members are reporting back what work they are completing and when
    • Is the work finishing on time?
    • While the Team Members are working, are the Stakeholders happy with the results? Do they have feedback? Do they need to delay a deliverable?
    • All that perfect project building is subject to people asking for changes!
    • Manage it all through Project Insight, and communicate those changes back to Team Members and Sponsors

  5. Project Template:
    • Once a project is complete, you may want to reuse the project schedule again as a standard for other projects
    • (Your organization may decide to template their projects from the start too!)
Online 12/30/2016