Project Resource Roles

These roles are special only for projects. User System Roles will limit what users can do and Item Permissions will limit where the user can do it. Because Project Managers like to keep a tight grip on their project schedules, not just anyone can make changes to a project schedule.

Project Resource

  • Enter time and expense entries on tasks to which they are assigned as a resource.
  • Enter Actual Start Date, Actual Finish Date and % Complete data on tasks to which each is assigned as the task owner.

Project Scheduler

A Project Scheduler has all rights of a Project Resource plus:

  • Add resources to the project as Project Schedulers or Project Resources.
  • Enter time, expense and % complete data on behalf of all project resources.
  • Edit the project name, start date and other fields on the project add/edit form.
  • Edit all scheduling-related fields for all tasks within the project.

Project Manager

A Project Manager has all rights of a Project Scheduler plus:

  • Add resources to the project as Project Managers.
  • View budget information.
  • Edit all budgeting fields for all tasks and resources within the project.

There are additional Project Permissions considerations if you find you need to troubleshoot your resources' project permissions.

Online 2/2/2017