Project Template

Adding a project template involves the same process as adding a new project. Common considerations for adding a template are as follows:

  • Tasks should be scheduled without hard dates. Use flexible constraints like "As Soon As Possible" (default constraint) so that task schedules will automatically adjust based on the start date of new projects created from the template.
  • Resources should not be added to the template unless those resources are always (or almost always) the same as assigned to the final project.
  • Resource Type/Role should be used on all tasks for easier assignment of the resources on new projects. This is also helpful for using contract pricing in which the Resource Type/Role for the task determines the billing rate. It allows for different contracts to be applied to the new projects which will automatically update the billing rates for all of the tasks.
  • If using auto-alerts for notifications on templates, set them as role-based auto-alerts so that they will dynamically send to the correct resources. For example, a project schedule auto-alert for a change in schedule can be set for the project manager role. Schedule-based auto-alerts will not send for template projects, so you can set them on these templates knowing that they will not send until a new project is created and placed in the active project state.
  • If using the document repository for project documents, you may want to set up sub-folders and even document templates inside of the project template. These items will copy into new projects.

Data which is copied from the template

  • Task schedules
  • Resources, including resource assignments to tasks.
  • Resource updates, such as percent complete, actual start and actual end dates. It is recommended to leave these blank.
  • Item attachments such as folders, files, discussion threads, issues, to dos, shortcuts, and *approval requests (only as an attachment)
  • Auto-alerts

Data which is NOT copied from the template

  • Time and expense entries
  • Item comments
  • Links
Online 10/21/2016