PI Integration for Salesforce Overview

Your sales team uses Salesforce (SFDC) and your project managers use Project Insight. Keep them talking with the PI Integration for Salesforce! Precious project information is gathered in the sales stages of any relationship, and the PI Integration for Salesforce can push that information between the two teams. No more double entry!

Build Project Insight companies out of Salesforce organizations

Your sales teams build relationships with clients. It's what they do. All that client-level information they have collected throughout the sales process can sync into PI for a seamless transition.

Contacts in Salesforce become PI users

Many professional services teams require their customers to login to PI for approvals or to contribute their own deliverables to a project. Now you can easily build their PI user directly from their Salesforce contact information.

Sales starts a PI project from Salesforce

Once a client is ready to go, your sales team can fill in the clients desired project from Salesforce. Choose Scheduled Start Dates, Target Total Billable dollars, and potential Resources to help a PM fit the new project plan into the overall PI portfolio schedule.

Comments sync between PI and SFDC

Whichever solution your team uses the most, they can leave comments for the other side of the shop with the PI Integration for Salesforce. Project Insight comments show in Salesforce and Salesforce comments show in Project Insight..

Integration Features

  • Create Project Insight companies with existing organization information from Salesforce
  • Populate either active or inactive PI users with existing SFDC contacts
  • Build a Project shell from Salesforce and push to Project Insight to help your project managers plan
  • Those performing the work can update the sales team without leaving Project Insight
  • The sales team can see comments and updates without leaving SFDC

Visit the Project Insight "Get Apps & Add Ons" section of PI Administration to see the PI Integration for Salesforce in action. We're working better together. How about you?

Online 3/20/2017