Set home page

The default home page for Project Insight is the My Insight page. However, Project Insight lets you change your home page to alternative pages within the system. To set a different page as your home page, navigate to the page that you'd like to establish as your home page. Choose the Set as default option from the drop-down selections.

Click that link and the screen will change to reflect the fact that the current page is now your home page. From this point forward, clicking will take you directly to the page that you have just set as your home page. It will also set the home page you've selected as the new default page to display upon login to Project Insight.

Other pages may also be saved in this drop-down list. For example, you may have a Saved Report you would like to place directly into the Favorites drop down selectors, which can be done by selection the saved report and adding it with the Add to Favorites option.

Online 10/19/2016