Single Sign-On

The tab for Single Sign-on (SSO) in the user profile will be available only if the system has been configured to use SSO as described in the Single Sign-on Overview topic. The example screen shot below will differ based on the Configure Single Sign-on in Project Insight settings for your system. It will also contain more than one option for the SSO user name if more than one SSO domain configuration has been configured and/or if Box SSO is configured.

The user name for SSO must be complete and often contains a Windows user name and domain name in a format much like an email address, It isn't always the exact same as the user's official email address so it is very important to contact the domain administrator for your organization whenever setting up the SSO user name for any user.

Box User Name will display only if Box integration is globally enabled by a system administrator. It is used to identify the correct Box user to associate with this Project Insight user.

Online 10/20/2016