Submit Expense Report

Expense reports will be submitted according to your team's policies and procedures. Your team can decide if Expense Reports should route for review and approval.

How do I submit my Expense Report at the end of the expense report period?

  1. From the top menu, navigate to your expense entry worksheet via My Insight> Expenses> Expense Entry Worksheet.

  2. Review your expenses for errors.
    • Check the expense entries are for the correct period. If it isn’t, you can select the last semi-month by clicking on the  Display Options and selecting from the list of dynamic dates.
    • All your expenses are on the sheet.
    • All reimbursable and/or billable expenses are marked correctly.
  3. Submit the sheet.
    • Click the icon in the upper right of the screen or the button to invoke the Create New Expense Report layer
    • Make sure that you are submitting your expense report for the correct period. This is your last chance to cancel out of the process.
    • You will generally NOT CHANGE any of the settings for Automatic Add, Company, Project or Automatic Submit
    • The Submit To: box should be your default expense approver.
  4. Click the Save button to submit your expense report.

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Online 6/21/2017