Task Dependencies


System administrators, project managers, project schedulers


  • Add task dependencies to new tasks
  • Add/edit task dependencies to existing tasks


There’s an easy way to add task dependencies.  If you know the next task you’re going to add should be a successor to the previous, use the context sensitive right-click menu. Select ‘Insert Task Successor.’ This automatically links the new task you are working on to the task immediately before it.

Notice how ‘Define project scope’ is already in the predecessor’s column. Now you can add your task name, give it a duration and number of work hours. We’ll skip over the dates, and the resource type/role is sponsor. Click Save.

Some people prefer to enter tasks first and create the relationships later. You may edit and add predecessors at anytime. Simply double click on the task line you’d like to add, click on the ‘add predecessor’ link, select it from the list, click the blue ‘+’ icon and click Save. 

You may click the blue triangle to roll up the tasks underneath into the summary task.

Online 2/27/2015