Task Detail Screen

The task detail screen displays ALL DETAILS for each task. The Task Detail screen is broken into sections. These sections are collapsed based on remembering your most recent preference or hidden if the fields have no information to display.

Header info beneath Task Name

The task's Start Date, End Date, Assigned To, Additional Resources, Duration, and Work are all set by the Project Manager.

Percent Complete (in the header) is the task's total percent complete. This is an important distinction if multiple resources are contributing toward "completeness." This total is weighted depending on the number of work hours each resource is assigned.


Collapsed by default
  • These details are Project Manager levels of details including Health Indicators

Related Items

Collapsed by default / Displays the number of Related Items via icon in-line
  • Above the preview of the file or other item attached to the task is the name of the item
  • Other details are included inline

Task Resources

Collapsed by default
  • All Task Resources are listed in this section by name, resource type, individual work assignment, how much that allocates their day, and other individualized information
  • The hyperlinked Percent Complete brings up a layer to update your progress in the "Work Status" dropdown 


Hidden if no Description is entered

  • This section is instructional from the Project Manager
  • If the task is nested beneath a Summary Task with a Description, that summary task's description will display beneath the hyperlinked Summary Task Name
  • Description is only editable by Project Manager or Project Scheduler


Item Comments Tab

Custom Fields tab

Task Time Tab

Task - Expense Tab


Online 12/28/2016