Task Time Tab

Clicking the time tab from within the detailed task view will bring up a time entry interface.

This is where time entries for the given task can be made. Multiple entries with any combination of Time Codes and Descriptions may be entered in relation to a single task. Resources must be assigned to the task to enter time on it. Project managers can add and edit time on behalf of any resource assigned to the task. Time entries made by task resources and project managers may be edited and deleted for corrections until the specific entry has been submitted for approval in a Time Sheet.

Date should indicate the date on which the hours were spent. Click to choose a date from the interactive calendar, or enter the date manually in the date entry box.

Time Code indicates the billing code that should be used categorizing the time spent. Click for a drop-down list of time codes.

Act. Hours is for entering the actual hours spent.

Act. Rate is for entering the actual rate.

Bill. Hours is for entering the hours that will be billable.

Bill. Rate is for entering the rate to bill the entry.

Description is for a brief explanation of how the time was spent.

Is Billable will designate whether or not this time entry should be billed. Click to check the box if the time entry should be billed.

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Online 10/21/2016