Team Members

Welcome to Project Insight!

If you complete project work, provide progress updates and/or enter time entries, you are a Team Member. Project Insight allows you to do the work you do best while you keep your Project Manager informed. No more nagging!

If you are ENTIRELY new to Project Insight, start with our 2 minute Team Member Getting Started video to orient yourself and navigate through PI.

To make work easy for everyone, you'll use Project Insight in the following ways:

  1. Select a Dashboard or Homescreen
    • A matter of personal preference, the two interfaces provide the same valuable information and updates

  2. Collaborate with your team
    • The key to any successful organization is communication
    • Communicate in Project Insight to let your PM and/or team about what is going on with your tasks or files
    • You will communicate and collaborate through Project Insight using Comments, downloading or uploading Files, or Providing Team Member Updates
    • Providing Team Member updates moves the project along in its life cycle - you are the catalyst, the linchpin, the vital contributor!

  3. Need to review the Task Detail Screen?
    • Learn how to navigate here for all task details and attachments
    • Some teams choose to demonstrate and use the Task Detail Screen for valuable Task Level information

  4. Will you enter Time Entries?
    • Time Entry Grid: Allows for quick entry of multiple tasks at once
    • Time Entry Worksheet: Think of this as the "shopping cart" when online shopping - the worksheet allows for last minute verification and changes before submission
    • You can also use a Timer Tool in Project Insight to track the amount of time each task requires

  5. Team Member's Additional Options: For those who want a little more out of Project Insight
Online 12/28/2016