Team Member Getting Started

If you've never seen Project Insight before, you may feel a little like Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas (i.e. "What's this?" "What's this?" "What's that do?" etc.) Now that we have sufficiently stuck a children's song in your head, the following video is your introduction to navigating Project Insight:

Unless someone like your administrator has set up your first view of Project Insight for you, PI will direct you to the Dashboard, but the navigation explained below is on EVERY PAGE in Project Insight:

  1. View the Left Navigation:
    • X and Back Arrow icons: The X closes the left nav and the Arrow takes you back to the previous page in Project Insight
    • My Work menu: This section only shows PI items and Work assigned to YOU - yes, YOU - nobody else's stuff is in here to sort through
    • Folders: Power Users may need to find projects and other stuff in these folders, but Team Members don't need to worry about searching through PI this way
    • Administration: If you have this section, you are an administrator - go look at at Administrator stuff found further in this manual

  2. What is all this stuff?
  3. Let's start with the obvious: Project Insight assigns items like Tasks, Issues, and other types of work packages to YOU the Team Member. You use those assignments to know what you're working on and report back when it's finished. So what's in the My Work section?

    • Work List: All items regardless of item type (i.e. Tasks, Issues, To-Dos, Project Requests, etc.) - all smooshed into one list
    • Tasks: These are work packages part of a larger Project that all contribute to the completion of a project
    • Projects: You can see the big picture of where your Tasks fit into the larger project if you'd like, but I mostly leave this work to Project Managers
    • Issues, Approval Requests, Project Requests, To-Dos: If your team uses these items, you'll see your assigned item grouped under these categories
    • Time Entry Grid, Time Entry Worksheet, Expense Entry Worksheet: If you use these items, you can quickly navigate using these links - if you do not use these options, there is a way for your administrator to hide these options for you

  4. View the Top Left Navigation:
    • My Insight menu: One stop for the most common pages in Project Insight (e.g. Dashboard, Home Screen, Time Entry options)
    • Reports icon: At first, this is only an icon that navigates to the report building pages, but when you save a report, those saved reports are one click away in this fly-out menu
    • Favorites menu: Find you go to certain pages often? Maybe it's a daily report or a project you check often? Save it as a favorite so it's only one click away
    • Search icon: Don't feel like navigating today? Search for the item you need with either this toolbar or the Advanced options

  5. View the Top Right Navigation:
    • [Imagine Your Name here] menu: These are your profile and personal preference options
    • Timer icon: Check out the Timer Tool article, if you plan to use the Timer to enter time
    • Print icon: Yes, printing is still a thing, but if we focus on how the Cloud is changing business, we should not need to print often
    • Help menu: Find many of our Initial Implementation and Free Training Resources all in one place

There you have it. Quick ways to get around to almost anywhere you need to go in Project Insight. Keep reading this manual to learn about:
Dashboard or Homescreen
Collaboration Tools
Task Detail Screen
Additional Team Members information

Online 12/23/2016