Time and Expense Rejection Process

While most Time and Expense entries will be approved, there will be situations where Approvers need to reject either Time or Expenses. Before you reject, it is important to first understand the settings your organization has chosen to use. Check with your administrator and Time Entry Sheet Settings.

It is also important to review the approval process so that you understand where, when and who can affect Time and Expense rejections. Time and Expense Approval Process Rejection will return the entries back to the Resource for correction and resubmitting. Rejected Time and Expense entries should contain a rejection reason, a recommended option so that the person submitting the time properly understands the corrections to make for resubmitting.

When Time (or Expense) is rejected, the resource will be sent an email with the reason. The rejection will show on the Dashboard in the Time Sheets & Expense Reports section.

The resource must go to their Saved Time Sheets within My Insight, Time to review the Time Sheet and fix the problem. In the example below, you can see the first Time Sheet has the status of Rejected.

When the Time Sheet is opened, the resource must look for the comment in the PM Approval section to see why the Time Sheet was rejected. It is very important to have your PM's adding comments, otherwise the resource does not know what should be changed.

In the example below, there is a note from the PM that an hour should be added for a particular task. The Resource can use the Edit icon in the Admin column to open the task and make the requested changes. Note only that line item has the icon. This is because the work completed for the other project was already approved.

Once the change is made, the Resource should Resubmit the Time Sheet and the approval process will begin again.

Online 10/18/2016