Time Approval Work Flow

Time entry workflow should be defined and set prior to any production time entry taking place. If changes are configured following time entry use in productivity, a cut-off date for all time entry should be defined so that all time entries for a specified date range are entered prior to the configuration change date.

The first consideration in selecting the work flow is often based on how the resources communicate the completion of time entry. There are two options:

  • Time Sheet Submission in which the resources will enter time and maintain control as to whether or not the time entries are submitted for approval. The resource's time entries are later selected by the resource, usually at a pre-determined time interval such as every Friday, for inclusion and submission within a time sheet. Prior to submitting the time sheet, the resource can edit or remove existing time entries. Individual time entries on the same time sheet cannot attain final approval status on an individual time entry basis. Final approval status is once achieved once the entire sheet has been approved.

Flow chart references are available by clicking the link to the selections below:

None (Auto-Approved Time Sheets) approves all time entries when the time sheet is saved.

By Time Sheet 1-Tier Approver Only sets all time entries on a time sheet submitted for approval to require the approver's approval of the entire time sheet before any of the individual time entries can be changed to a status of approved. An approved time sheet updates the status of all contained time entries to approved. A rejected time sheet maintains the status of all contained time entries as unapproved.

Time Sheet 1-Tier PM Approver Only sets the approval process for submitted time sheets to require the approval of one project manager per project for every project included in the time sheet. Notifications are sent to all project managers for each project. The first project manager approving the time entries on any project automatically approves all time entries for that project without further approval requirements by other project managers for that same project. All separate projects on the time sheet must be approved by one of the project managers in order for the time sheet to complete the approval process. Any time entries on the time sheets which are not associated with projects are automatically approved.

By Time Sheets 2-Tier PM Approval & Final Approver sets the approval process to the same requirements as the above reference, "By Time Sheets 1-Tier Approval Only" followed by the final approver as referenced in 'By Time Sheets 1-Tier Approver Only.' The final approver process cannot take place until all projects on the time sheet have first been approved through the project manager approval process.

Online 10/14/2016