Time Entry

Time Entry in Project Insight is must for teams who want to:

  • Compare Actual Hours with your estimated work
  • Track typical slowdowns or spot those tasks that require more work consistently
  • Understand your projects' and portfolio profitability by comparing billable vs non-billable time
  • Track overhead costs across the organization by tracking non-project time

Common Misconception: Time Entry is not a requirement for planned value and earned value.

Least Complicated Time Entry in Project Insight

  • Set at least one Time Code in the Administration section
  • You can change the Time Approval settings to "None" in the Time Entry Sheet Settings to avoid all Time Entry approvals
  • Add time to the Dashboard, Time Entry Grid, Time Entry Worksheet, or Task Detail Screen
  • That's it! Three steps to getting Actual Hours into Project Insight

Beyond Easy Level Time Entry

There is a reason, of course, why Project Insight doesn't use a one-size-fits-all approach to Time Entry. You have choices because the least complicated settings may not fit your organizations process for entering time and routing time entries for approval.
Keep reading the sub-articles to learn about customizing your Time Entry with the following articles:

Time Entry Sheet Settings
Time & Expense Codes
Time Code Default
Time Approval Work Flow

Online 1/6/2017