Time Entry Worksheet

Time Entry Sheet Settings are configured by your administrator.

Time entry for tasks may be entered in a worksheet format using My Insight and clicking on Time Entry Worksheet within the Time section.

Using the Icons (top right corner)

Using the page display icon in the upper right corn will allow you to customize Page Display Options on your Time Entry Grid however, be careful not to remove any columns that your administrator deems critical.

Using the Time Sheet icon will open a dialog box to submit your time sheet.

Previous Week | Next Week

The worksheet gives you the ability to move backwards and forwards through the previous and future time sheets. There is no need to create time sheets as they are created as you move through the time periods. Clicking either previous or next will then display the week so that you can put time in other than just the current period.

Page Display Options

Project is a drop down list of all projects where you have been assigned any task.

Task is a drop down list of all tasks for this project that have been assigned to you.Tasks that have already been marked as 100% complete will no longer show on this list. If you need to charge more time to a closed task, please contact your project manager.

Date should be set to the actual date you performed the work. You may type in the date or select it using the calendar icon .

Time Code is a drop down of predefined codes configured by your Administrator. If the fields are not clear to you, please discuss them with your Project Manager or Administrator for clarification.

Actual Hours should be the hours you spent on the task for the given day.

Description should be a brief note of the work performed.

Admin The Save and Cancel icons will allow you to save or cancel your work for this line. Once you have saved the work, you will see the Edit icon which will allow you to make changes to the line as needed.

Once the time sheet has been completed and proofread, it can be submitted using the Create/Submit Time Sheet button.

Online 10/14/2016