To-Dos Managing Tile

The part of My Insight that shows the To-Dos you've assigned to others is called To-Dos Managing.

To filter your main To-Dos Managing display so that specific To-Dos are not shown, check the Hide boxes at the far right end of the items you wish to hide. To bring them back, click Show My Hidden To-Dos Managing, then click the boxes for Show or Hide to bring specific To-Dos back into your normal view.

If the team member to whom you've assigned a To-Do has accepted, that To-Do will appear here. If the team member has declined the To-Do, it will reappear in your My Insight page within the My To-Dos area so that you can edit and/or reassign it and resubmit it.

Editing To-Dos

To edit a To-Do that's been declined and has been moved to your To-Dos area, click on the item to open the detail window, then use the Edit menu and the Edit To-Do option to make the fields available for modification.

Add a To-Do

Accepting a To-Do


Online 11/1/2016