User Defined Fields and Forms

User Defined Fields are for capturing your custom data. These can then be added at the project, task and issue level for reporting purposes. Custom fields may be used for reporting as column displays and query filters. In order to best leverage the use of custom fields, it is recommended that consultation from an experienced database administrator is included in the decision making process for implementing custom fields.

To view existing custom fields in the system and to add new custom fields, use the User Defined Fields within the Customization section of Administration. As you will see, there are many different types of custom fields available. These generally related to what kind of data you plan to add.

Within each type of fields, you will find a list of User Defined Fields for that area. If none have been previously set up, you will see the following message.

Select the add field button or the + icon in the top right corner to begin the process of creating a custom field definition.

Online 10/12/2016