Using Version Control with Approval Request

When using version control with approval requests, it is important to note that the approval request will always reference the version of the file which is current at the time the approval request is activated. If the current version of the file must be changed to be accepted, then the approval should be done with a comment as to which version is being approved.

In the example below, we have activated the initial approval request on the original version of the document with a sequential approver list and a requirement for all approvers to approve.

The above example is often the best practice when using version control because Floyd can choose to approve the approval even if he decides that a new version is required before he can approve. He would make certain that he uploads the new version first, and then he approves it. Comparisons can be made between the versions and the time and date for the approval. For example, Floyd could have approved in the previous example and made a note that he approved with the changes uploaded into version 2.

In order to see the version approved by Floyd, Pat would click the title of the document, "Specification Draft," to load the detailed page view for the document. In this view, Pat knows the current file is the version 2 file which was approved by Floyd because the only previous version is version 1. The page also references the time and date Floyd updated the file.

Online 10/21/2016