Work Percent Complete Types

Resources completing work might find that descriptions are easier to understand and/or less intimidating than percentage numbers. Using the descriptions rather than numbers requires a selection of "Enable work percent complete types" in the project settings Project Settings. The percent complete types allow for the definition of drop-down selections and their percent complete equivalent. For example, you might find that you prefer the resources to choose from only 3 types (Not Started, Started or Finished). You can define as many or as few types as needed for your work environment.

Name is a required field. This is the descriptive text users will see in the drop-down.

Work Percent Complete should be a number corresponding to the name field.

Display Order sets the order in which the work percent complete types display for selection in drop-downs and lists. If no value is placed in this field, it defaults to 0 and performs an alphanumeric ordering by work type complete type name.

User Updated shows the date the user updated.

Updated Date shows the date the type was updated.

Active displays if the type has been set to active.

Edit and Delete icons on each existing line are used to edit or delete the data in the line.

Save and Cancel icons will always display on one line. The line on which these icons are displayed is either a new percent complete type entry or an existing percent complete type which is currently being edited.

Online 10/18/2016