PI® Microsoft Office Connector

If your organization uses Microsoft Office, then you can benefit from this popular PI Connector.

Benefits of Microsoft Office Connector

Upload a file directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint

If you work with documents in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you save them directly to Project Insight with one click. Just click on 'save to PI,' select a location in PI to save the file, and click save.

Edit a file from Project Insight

With other cloud applications, editing files can require lots of clicks. With Office Connector, it's simple and fast. Just launch the file, edit, then click 'save to PI.' This saves your file back to the Project Insight cloud directly!

Want to learn more?

Video on Office Connector

Turn project work into Project Insight

90% of the project teams we talk to use Excel, MS Project desktop, white boards and sticky notes to manage projects. Now, there’s a better way! Centralize your projects to gain insight into your portfolio and resources.