PI® Outlook Connector

If your organization uses Microsoft Outlook, then you can benefit from this popular PI Connector.

Benefits of Outlook Connector

Upload emails from Outlook into Project Insight

Project teams get tons of emails. Now you can store relevant emails directly to the project, task, issue or other item that they belong to and keep the project communication in one place.

Convert emails into Project Insight tasks

If non-PI users send you an email that requires a new task on a project, no worries! You can click on that email and create a task on a project and assign it to a resource directly from Outlook.

Create issues from emails

If you receive lots of issues from internal, non-PI users, no problem! You can take an email and turn it into a PI issue with just a couple of clicks. This allows the project team to report on and review all issues from one place.

Sync Project Insight tasks to your Outlook Calendar

Everyone wants one master calendar. With Project Insight you can have one. Synchronize your tasks from Project Insight onto your Outlook Calendar with a user friendly toggle option.

Sync Project Insight tasks to your Outlook Tasks

If you want to manage tasks from Outlook or need a way to update tasks offline, then push your PI tasks to Outlook Tasks. Team members can update percent complete and even enter time.

Create reminders for tasks, to-dos and appointments in Outlook

Use the reminders in Outlook for the items you synchronize from Project Insight to Outlook. All settings are personalized for each team member.

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