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Best for 5 users or less
Free forever
Pay only for add-ons
Cloud-based software
VirtualPM for Slack
Path to powerful add-ons
per user/ per month

Approx. 10 users or less
Free 14-day trial
Pay month to month or annually
Award winning software
Core features & add-ons
Online support
per power user/ per month

10 users or more
Free 14-day trial
Call for blended pricing
SaaS or on premise
All features & add-ons
On-on-one support
Become one of many successful teams that Work Better Together with Project Insight

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Frequently Asked Questions
How long are your trials?
Project Insight offers a free 14-day trial. Need more time? Give us a call and we'll be happy to arrange that for you.
What can I expect after my trial?
If your organization decides PI is a good fit, our PI#pros are here to help walk you through next steps including contracts, implementation, and rapid on-boarding.
What features are offered?
Project Insight offers a range of robust features from Intelligent Scheduling to Resource Management. Depending on the solution you choose, these features will already come standard with the software or you can choose which ones your team would like to add on for a monthly fee. View list of features offered.
What payment options does Project Insight offer?
Depending on the solution you choose for your team, you'll have a few different options.

PI#enterpriseis billed on an annual basis with multi-year and annual prepaid discounts.

PI#smallbiz offers the flexibility of month-to-month payments or a discounted annual rate.

PI#team is free forever. If you'd like to purchase an add-on for your account, then you would begin paying on a per month/per user basis until you cancel.
What happens if I want to add or remove users from my account?
We make it easy to add/remove users at any time. If you decide to permanently add more users, you might consider prorating those user for the remainder of your contract.
What deployment options does Project Insight offer?
SaaS, On-Premise, and Dedicated Cloud

Get the most out of your business process with help from our PI#pros