Project Insight Full Feature List

Here is a list of all the features Project Insight, project and portfolio management software, has to offer. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact us for a demo today.

Project Initiation
Capture project requests
Route requests for approval
Collaborate on approvals
Transfer request data into project form
Track and report on all requests
Create and save project templates
Generate new projects from templates
Import from Microsoft Project
Export to Microsoft Project
Integration with Salesforce CRM
Portfolio Planning and Analysis
Build scorecard with goals, critical success factors and KPIs
Prioritize projects in the portfolio by score
Assess projects by profitability
Understand resources needed by skill set on forecasted projects
Balance resources using cross project resource allocation
Evaluate all projects in the portfolio
Project Scheduling
Create project tasks using inline editing
Create and edit with interactive Gantt chart
Customize your own task list columns
Edit from any customized Gantt or task list
Drag and drop tasks
Utilize intelligent scheduling to shift tasks
Leverage all task types and constraints
Set up recurring tasks
Designate tasks as appointments
Export projects to Microsoft Excel
Import from Microsoft Project
Export projects to Microsoft Project
Export projects to XML
Advanced Project Scheduling
Create tasks that automatically reschedule
Use cross project dependencies
Evaluate with planned and earned value calculations
Utilize elapsed time and duration delays
Leverage task splits
Add lead and lag time on tasks
Set one or multiple baselines on projects
Compare percent complete to baselined percent complete
Report on baseline variance at the project level
Resource Management
Assign resources by group, department and company
Assign resources to tasks by skill set
Bulk assign resources to tasks
Swap resources on multiple tasks
View a resource directory from application, mobile or tablet
Advanced Resource Management
View workload with cross project resource allocation
Drill down to view projects and tasks
Balance the workload using drag and drop
Suggest an available resource by skill set
Forecast future resource needs
View workload by FTE, work hours or percentage
See resources' load by department
Set up global, project and resource work calendars
Block off non-working time
Perform capacity planning at the project level
Set team member's unique capacity levels
Designate a team member's target utilization
Receive alerts when a project manager overbooks a resource
Run graphical reports on utilization and capacity
Task Management
Update tasks directly from the portal
Use work status or percentage complete to report progress
Add comments to tasks
Assign to-dos to other team members
Update tasks and enter time from Outlook Tasks
Update task percentage complete from mobile or tablet
Update issues and to-dos from mobile or tablet
Enter time from mobile device
Upload expenses from mobile with receipts
Document Sharing
Upload any file type
One click multiple file upload
Set version control on files
Check-in/check-out of documents
Create HTML pages, stream audio, video
Post links to other websites or applications
Multiple file download
Create your own hierarchy of folders
Unlimited number of sub folders
Standardize folders to match methodology
Integrate with software
Add comments to tasks, projects, issues, any item
View comments in social stream
Upload emails directly from Outlook
Report on all comments across all projects
Change Management
Use change orders to control schedule changes
Global search and search by folder
Filter by type, created by, updated by, date range
Search contents of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF
Route documents, projects, tasks or any item for approval
Route multiple items in a single approval
Define routing sequence
Automatic alerts sent to approvers
Use approvals as electronic signature
Report on all approvals system wide
Save approval templates
De-activate and re-start approval requests
Use workflows to replace static forms
Create multi-step forms
Assign workflows to team members
Use visibility rules or 'if-then' logic on workflows
Embed approvals in workflow forms
Export workflows to PDF
Report on all workflows and approvals
Issue Tracking and Management
Associate issues with tasks, projects, deliverables
Create issues outside of projects
Assign issues to team members
Customize own menus
Attach files to issues
Add comments to issues
Insert screen shots in an issue
Track resolution history
Transfer issue data into a task
View all issues on a single project
Report on all issues across all projects
Integrate with Zendesk support software
Alerts and Notifications
Set alerts on projects, tasks, to-dos
Create alerts on issues and folders
Receive alerts via email or online
Review notifications on social stream
Set up alerts on project templates
Create alerts by role and user
Set alerts by company, group and email address
Send alerts to non Project Insight users
Push out proactive email notifications
Receive alerts in any email client
Daily email summary of tasks and updated items
Brand email alerts with logo
Customize alert 'from' and 'reply to'
Create system-wide alerts
View all project tasks in calendar view
Update tasks from calendar
Filter by project, resource type or team member
Push tasks to Outlook Calendar
Add events to the calendar
Create system group calendar
Time and Expense Tracking
Flexible time/expense entry
Enter time/expense on grid, worksheet, task, dashboard
Enter time via Outlook Tasks
Enter time/expense from mobile or tablet
Capture and upload expense receipts from mobile phone
Use timer to track exact time
Update percentage complete independent of time entry
Enter estimated remaining work on tasks
Customizable time/expense worksheets
Create own time/expense codes
Account for non project time/expenses
Choose 1 or 2 tiered timesheet approvals
Report on all time/expense entries
Unsubmitted timesheet report
Project Budgeting
Plan and forecast project budget and revenue
Monitor plan versus actuals in real-time
Track proposed and billable charges
Account for labor and expenses
Track time and materials projects
Track fixed cost projects
Compare target budget against actuals
Review performance summaries
Monitor cost overruns with health indicators
Understand earned value in real-time
Report on PV, EV, SPI, CPI and more
View budget variances in real-time
Report on financials by project type
Roll up financials by organization or client
Summarize entire portfolio financials
Advanced Project Financials
Route timesheets/expense reports for approval
Set up 1 or 2 tier time approval process
Aggregate approved time/expense onto invoice reports
Group invoice reports by company, resource type
Track invoiced items on tasks and projects
Export to invoice reports Quickbooks
Export time/expenses to Excel or csv
Integration with QuickBooks
Integrate with any accounting or ERP solution
Choose from 100s of canned reports
View real-time status of all projects
Report on portfolio roll ups by project type, company and more
Create graphical or tabular reports
Run project status reports
Monitor with red, yellow, green traffic light indicators
Create your own status indicators
View project timelines in cross project Gantt charts
Customize and save own reports and dashboards
Easy to use filters
Leverage dynamic date selectors
Sort, group and subtotal with ease
Share reports with companies, groups, team members
One click access to saved reports from any page
Export reports to Excel, PDF or csv
Advanced Reports
Set own tolerance levels for health indicators
Run financial revenue and recovery reports
View project and task snapshot reports
Monitor with planned and earned value reports
Run agile burn down charts
View historical and cumulative data with S-curves
Select preferred dashboard layout
Choose elements to appear on dashboard
Drag and drop elements to set up dashboard
Aggregate tasks, issues, to-dos and other work into one area
Toggle work from all to 'on it'
Add favorite reports to dashboard
Pull other applications and websites onto dashboard
Add social stream to dashboard for team updates
Create default dashboards for the team
Save preferred dashboards
Microsoft Office Integration
Upload emails from Outlook
Synchronize tasks with Outlook Calendar or Tasks
Update percent complete from Outlook to Project Insight
Enter time via Outlook Tasks
Turn emails into tasks
Convert emails into issues
Open and save Microsoft Office documents directly into Project Insight
Ease of Use
Simplified home page option
One click to any task, project, issue, to-do
One click to any saved or shared report or dashboard
One click to any favorite page
Set any page as home page
Drag and drop
Right click context sensitive menus
Smart scrolling
Customize task lists, Gantt charts, reports and more
Show reports, task lists, Gantts in full screen
Freeze panes and headers
Define elements in My Work section
Choose application font size
View team member photo or avatar with assignments and comments
Dynamic and intelligent combo boxes
Determine own folder structure
Use RSS feeds to display information in other applications
Context sensitive help
Access to Community of recorded trainings, FAQs and more
Brand site with organization look and feel
Create custom fields on task, project, issue forms
Add fields to company and user forms
Create new fields on project request and approvals
Add custom fields to time and expense area
Intelligent custom fields tie to look ups in the database
Develop custom items or forms
Create multi-step forms using workflows
Create user form templates
Add or remove fields from forms
Customize form labels
Tie permissions to custom item fields
Translate columns and fields for specific users
Integrate using Web Services APIs
Extend the solution with .NET Software Development Kit (SDK)
Hire our Professional Services for extended custom work
Easy set up with inline editing
Import users from Excel
Set up users with international dates and currencies
Security and Permissions
Unique URL
Secure login
Role based permissions
Advanced Permissions
Create project spaces using folder permissions
Use group permissions
Set permissions on a single item
Define communication permissions
Set optional project manager item permissions
Flexible settings for client, partner, vendor and sub-contractor logins
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Single Sign On (SSO) available
Active Directory Integration available
100% web based
Mac and PC compliant
Scalable vector graphics for use with tablet or mobile
.NET platform
No client side software needed
Support & Training
Email support
Phone support
Embedded help videos and 'sticky notes'
Context sensitive help
Online support from software
Community forums
100s of hours of recorded video training
Live product and project management training webinars
Onsite product, business process and project management training available