Project Insight System Requirements

Project Insight is web-based project management software. This means your IT department does not have to install any software on the desktop computer. Project Insight is committed to supporting the leading web browsers.

Client Software Architecture

For best results with a PC, we recommend:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox (up to date)
  • Chrome (up to date)

For best results with a MAC, we recommend:

  • Safari (up to date)
  • Firefox (up to date)
  • Chrome (up to date)

For best results with iPad or iPhone, we recommend:

  • iOS5+
  • Safari

For best results with Droid, we recommend:

  • Up to date OS

Server Requirements (On-premise only)

The Project Insight project management software solution is built on Microsoft's .NET platform. An on premise (installed) system requires a properly configured Windows Server 2012+ 64-bit (virtual server OK)

Please note: The only way to realistically determine the system requirements for any individual implementation is to deploy, test and monitor system performance. On-Premises customers should be prepared to rapidly upscale systems as needed to maintain acceptable performance. On-premises is not intended for use by organizations without a scalable infrastructure, along with the performance diagnostics used to quickly identify the need for upscaling systems.

Minimum Server Hardware Requirements:

  • 2GHz+ (dual core) processor
  • 16+ GB RAM
  • 60GB free hard drive space (or an appropriate amount for additional file storage)
  • Dedicated server or Dedicated Virtual Server Environment

Server Software Requirements:

  • Windows Server 2012+ 64-bit Server, service packs up-to-date
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012+ 64-bit Standard Edition Processor License, service packs up to date
  • IIS 7.5+ configured for ASP.Net 4.0
  • IIS SMTP Service (or other SMTP server which allows relay from the web server)
  • Microsoft Windows Search

If you are not sure which Project Insight Edition is right for you, call +1 949 476 6499 x3 and a Project Insight Specialist will help.​