Project Insight Pays Off

Project Insight customers tell us in their own words how Project Insight, online project management software, helps improve performance and productivity.

Increased Revenue

"Before using Project Insight, we were 'guess-timating' how many hours were spent on client projects. After our implementation of Project Insight, we found that we reclaimed an hour of billable time per week. Studies have shown that one hour per week of lost billable time equals $10,000 per year, per person. So, we are definitely billing more revenue because of Project Insight!"

-Performance consulting & training design firm

"Before Project Insight, our compliance of time entry was 60%. Now, after implementing Project Insight, our team has an 85% time entry compliance rate. This means we are capturing more billable time which translates directly into revenue."

-Interactive advertising & marketing firm

Less Wasted Time

"Before Project Insight, it took me two days to enter my time for the month. Now that I enter time at the task level as the task is completed, it takes me five minutes a day."

-Oil exploration tool company

"Before Project Insight, our code release meetings ran over two hours long each week. Because we now track our code changes in tasks, we only have to meet 15 minutes each week."

-Software development company

"We meet every year in Hawaii to plan for the following year. Usually, we have to bring in many resources and managers for a period of 3 days. With Project Insight, we didn't have to bring everyone and the planning took a half a day"

-Astronomical observatory

Improved Morale

"Before Project Insight, our resources could not tell us how much work they had to do. Now, everyone can see what needs to be worked on, [and] …we're able to handle projects that, historically, were considered impossible. We've improved employee morale through measured execution of tasks."

-Software development company