Resource Management

Powerful resource allocation is what sets Project Insight, project management software, apart from other solutions. Project and resource managers can effectively monitor and balance resource workloads across multiple projects from one report.

Graphical displays give you visibility over the entire organization to ensure that resources have the right amount of work now, and in the future. With Project Insight software, you are always in control and ahead of the curve.

  • Assign team members to projects by group, department or company
  • Mass assign team members to tasks by skill set
  • Swap resources on tasks with just a few clicks
  • View resource allocation on work scheduled across all projects
  • Drill down to see projects and tasks in resource allocation reports
  • Use drag and drop to balance workload of under and over burdened resources
  • Suggest the most available resource by skill set
  • Forecast and run 'what if' scenarios on projects in planning phase
  • Use project scores to decide which projects to advance and which to delay
  • Leverage resource allotments to plan your capacity on projects in planning state

Resource Management

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