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Companies have four main functions in Project Insight:

1. Association with a user for permissions settings.

2. Association with a project for reporting and billing information.

3. Association with an invoice for billing.

4. Association with Contracts for project reporting, billing and rates calculation.


For the list of the existing companies in the system, use the Companies selection from the Administration Pane in the left navigation.


This will display a list of the existing companies in the system.


You can add a new Company in either of 2 ways:

  • Select the option Add New Company in the Administration navigation pane. 
  • Type the name of the new company right into the blank row that appears above the listed companies and choose the options which apply.

Adding a new company has only one required field, the company Name.


Enable company members to automatically communicate with all other companies should normally be checked for the master company using Project Insight. This removes any restrictions from this company for seeing other companies to select in reports and for association to a project. For example, the Project Add/Edit form will display a selection of companies that may be associated to a project. The companies displayed for selection from within the project add/edit form are filtered based on communication allowances for the user entering or editing the project data. As long as the user entering the project belongs to a company that has this communication check box set, that user will always see the list of all companies in the system.

Enable time and expense entries to be assigned directly to the company allows you to require time entries only on projects and tasks by restricting time entries on specific companies.

Enable the company to be assigned to a project and subsequently invoiced if this box is not checked, the company cannot be assigned to a project in the Project Add/Edit screen and therefore an invoice cannot be created for this company. Not selecting this setting will mostly be used for internal companies and vendors.

Enable the company to be assigned to new folder and item permissionssets the company as a permissions entity so that members of the company can be granted or denied permissions on folder and item properties.

Marks the company as currently active, when disabled the company will not appear in listsallows you to keep the company information and all data tied to it, but not have the company show in lists and filters.


Adding users to a company is done from the user administration. You can see the all the users that have been added to the company by clicking on the users icon in the Users column of the Companies list.


It will display their first name, last name, email address and phone number.