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Project Status

Project Status is used to categorize projects for reporting purposes. The project add/edit form will include these project statuses from a drop-down selector to associate with the project. Reports can be created using these fields to filter results to specific project statuses in your custom reports.

Name is the only required field.

Custom Code may be entered if you intend to map data from Project Insight to other systems.

Order sets the order in which the project status displays for selection in drop-downs and lists. If no value is placed in this field, it defaults to 0 and performs an alphanumeric ordering by project status name.

Icon allows you to upload an icon to use for each status.

Display Color sets a color indicator to display in the My Projects list and in the project dashboard reports.

Edit and Delete icons on each existing line are used to edit or delete the data in the line. In use project status names can be edited, which will update the project status in all respective entries.

Save and Cancel icons will always display on one line. The line on which these icons are displayed is either a new project status or an existing project status which is currently being edited.