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Expense Entry & Expense Report Settings

Expense Entries By Company sets the configuration to allow expense entry assignment on Companies without having to enter expenses to a project or task. With this option set, you still have control as to which companies can have expense entries assigned directly to them. Setting which companies can have expenses entered directly to them is covered in the Access Management Companies topic.

Expense Entries By Project sets the configuration to allow expense entries on projects without the requirement to attach the expense entry to a specific task. Unlike the Expense Entries by Company, this option cannot be further configured for more specific rules within Project Insight. Exceptions to the expense entries by project rule cannot be made on a project-by-project basis.

Expense Report Approvals sets the expense report approval process such that expense entries must be approved on expense reports in order to be included on invoices. If this option is not enabled, expense reports saved by users are automatically approved for invoicing without the intermediary approval process.

Enable Approver Selections will allow each user to select any expense report approver, while continuing to automatically set the user's default expense report approver if no other approver is selected. If all users will have only one approver, this option should not be checked. This option cannot be configured differently from one user to the next. Either all users can submit expense reports for approval to all approvers or all users can only submit expense reports to their default approver as assigned by the Project Insight user manager. Further information on setting a user as an approver is contained in the Access Management Users topic. Further information on setting a user's default approver is contained in the User Resource Info topic.

Expense Report Period will default the expense report date range selector to Monthly, Weekly or Semi-Monthly. Semi-Monthly is first day of the month through the 15th and the 16th through the last day of the month. This default should be set based on the typical time frame within which expense reports are submitted.