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Time and Expense Approval Process

Those who are assigned as Approvers will see additional options in the Time and Expenses sections of My Insight. Time and Expense approvals follow the same process detailed below.

Time Sheet Approvals

Selecting Time Sheet Approvals will display a list of time sheets requiring approval.

Be sure to note the start date and end date of this list as you may need to adjust it to see all time sheets requiring approval. As always, use the display icon to change the date range, hide previously approved entries, hide previously rejected time entries and for custom column selections.

  • When using the Time Sheets by PM Only or Time Sheets by PM and Final Approver options (See "Time Entry & Time Sheet Settings"), the time sheets will continue to have a status of pending until ALL approvers have completed the process.
  • PM's do need to approve their own Time Sheets if using a 1 or 2 Tier option.


Once a range has been selected a list of pending time sheets will be shown. Selecting a time sheet (by clicking the data in the start or end date column) will expand the time sheet detail for review, approval or rejection.

There are three options for Time Approval by Time Sheets. They are 1 - Tier Approver Only, 1 - Tier PM Only or 2 - Tier PM & Final Approver. Refer to Time and Expense, Time Approval Options to determine the preference for your organization.