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Departments can be associated with users for reporting purposes. Departments defined here will be available in a drop-down selector when adding or editing a user. Departments will also be available for association with projects for project report filters and roll-up by department report options.

Name is the only required field.

Code may be entered if you intend to map data from Project Insight to other systems.

Order sets the order in which the department displays for selection in drop-downs and lists. If no value is placed in this field, it defaults to 0 and performs an alphanumeric ordering by department name.

Active sets the data field to active status, permitting its use in User Profiles.

Edit and Delete icons on each existing line are used to edit the data in the line. In use resource/user departments can be edited, which will update the resource user/departments in all respective entries.

Save and Cancel icons will always display on one line. The line on which these icons are displayed is either a new resource/user department or an existing resource/user department which is currently being edited.